Thank you for joining us at Royal Ontario Museum earlier this February as we programmed and activated some spaces for their #FNLROM Black History Month Special. We converted the Rotunda into “The Afro Lounge” and Bronfman Hall became “SUPAFRIK Central”.

The Afro Lounge: Designer Chinedu Ukabam invited FNLROM guests to the coolest new spot in town, “The Afro Lounge” where they could order Suya, grab a drink, and play the African strategy game Oware(also called Ayo or Mancala). There was also a dressing room in the back to try on exclusive pieces from ILU, his unreleased Chinedesign summer collection inspired by Igbo proverbs from Nigeria and the ROM exhibition Art, Honour, and Ridicule: Asafo Flags from Southern Ghana. Photographer Jalani Morgan was on hand to capture images for an interactive lookbook edited by Maz Osman. You can find the look-book we created on our page.

SUPAFRIK Central: To bring the #SUPAFRIK effect to the ROM,we assembled an art-dance-food party. It featured some new talent like ADL dance crew as well as frequent collaborators like Golden Stool Restaurant (whose Jollof rice was sold out before 10pm!), DJ Revy B and DJ Deemaks, who debuted a live Afrobeats video mix. By the time the spontaneous electric slide broke out in the middle of an Afro house set, it was clear that this was one of the best FNLROMs yet!

Stay tuned for what we have coming up in spring!

DJ RQAway on: “The Sound of New Orleans”

New Orleans native DJ RQ Away will be our featured guest DJ at tomorrow’s GUMBO! He has made a name for himself by being able to create a distinct vibe no matter where he spins. His eclectic sound and ability to bend genres has captured ears in intimate spaces of downtown New Orleans, neighborhood bars in Brooklyn and the pubs of London.

For a decade DJ RQ Away’s career has thrived off his unique artistry and leadership. In addition to curating inimitable experiences that strengthen community ties through dance he also operates as Founder and lead organizer of the citywide brand, #AWAYTEAM. His high quality works have made him a beloved household name as well as the go to DJ for worldwide acts and brands like Robert Glasper, The Foreign Exchange, Erykah Badu and Bilal. DJ RQAway recently put together an exclusive mix from the Gumbo crew highlighting the sounds of New Orleans so we picked his brain about the history and happenings of his hometown music scene.


DJ RQ Away. NOLA’s Finest DJ. These are his tees too and you’ll spot them all over the city.

You come from a city with a rich and varied musical heritage. Tell us briefly about the music scene in Nola today?

The music scene in NOLA is as it has always been in the sense that it is a sampling of a hometown interpretation of the many influences and styles that come here from all over the world. It’s hard to give a simple answer as we have so many different things happening here all the time artist like Trombone Shorty and Christian Scott carry the New Orleans’ banner across the world via Jazz and their own tailored version of that and many other genres. Tank and the Bangas are the closet thing we have to The Roots (in my opinion) consistently creating a unique showing of sound via R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, and Poetry. Artist like Dominic Minx create their own sound from pieces of Rock, Hip Hop, and Jazz, while Chase N. Cash and Ciel Rouge carry their own unique interpretations of the classic Hip Hop sound. Artist Like Chris Royal, Stefan Rene(Prosper Jone$), Mykia Jovan, and so many others share powerful sounds from across genre’s all while sharing the love for music that is truly New Orleans. This is definitely a short answer. 

Are there any upcoming artists in the soul/jazz scene we should be looking out for?

Cool Nasty, a band composed of young NOLA bred artist. You can check them out every Wednesday at the Cool Nasty Jam Series


Fresh off the “Couches” stage, Singer Cole Williams and members of Cool Nasty – a sick nu jazz future wave band

What is second line music?

Secondline music, it’s love from a tuba, foot stompin, body bending vibes that travel from drum to horn to random second liner ten people away. It’s a style of Jazz that was once soley know to accompany funerals, and now often without the associated funeral the upbeat drum and brass focused sound calls for crowds of thousand to walk through New Orleans streets on any given Sunday.  

If we had one day in New Orleans, which band do we absolutely have to catch live?

Again Cool Nasty and if there in town Tank and the Bangas.

Tell us about Super Sunday in New Orleans?

The short answer, Super Sunday is a historical celebration around the indian culture shared with slaves years ago. African Americans spend all year crafting hand sewn suits of beads and feathers featuring elaborate designs and colors. Various “tribes” start walking processions in their neighborhoods and walk to meet at different spots in the city. Having “Show downs” via demonstrations of their suits beauty. Super Sunday (St. Joseph’s Day) is one of our largest indian displays aside from Mardi Gras. My brand, #Awayteam, host a yearly bike ride where we travel across the city to meet and see the indians.

What is Nola Bounce?

New Orleans Bounce is a unique genre of dance centered music created years ago by using specific break beats by pioneers like Mannie Fresh. It features 3 core beats, similar to that of “riddims” in Caribbean music culture, that are remixed and used over and over but always with unique results. The sound is fast and exciting and often features sexual lyrics from MCs. Historically the genre was carried by hard, upbeat rap tracks, over the years the genre has been heavily adopted by female and transgendered MCs.

We know about No Limit and Cashmoney but what are the lesser known rappers or crews that have been making a wave out there?

This one could take all year to answer considering all that has happened in our music scene over the years! Jay Electronica, Pell, Paasky, Deep N Space are all great examples of our Hip Hop scene now. But the stories of crews and artist in between then and now are countless.

How was your experience at the last Gumbo Party in New Orleans?

It was great, I had a great opportunity to be myself playing anything that came to mind from disco, soul, house funk and beyond alongside some groovy cats. Hopefully there’s room for that this weekend! 

Is this your first time in Toronto? What are you looking forward to?

Yes it absolutely my first time here and I am interested in getting a peek into Toronto’s famous culture. 

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. We are excited to rock with you this weekend!

GUMBO coming to Montreal!

MONTREAL! Gumbo is back again by popular demand! Thank you for making our debut in Summer 16  a smash! Use code SUPAFRIK for $5 off here:

We’re coming with a top DJ in the Afrobeats scene: Deemaks. He’ll be joined by Toronto vet DJ Sean Sax and MTL hometown heroes Mr. Toure (Qualite De Luxe) and Bonbon Kojak(Moonshine). Together they will chop it down and mash it up to create a very special edition of the Afro GUMBO mix. It’s carnival season from Brazil to New Orleans to Trinidad so get ready for bacchanal! Tell a friend to bring a friend to the most anticipated international party coming to Montreal! Brought to you in partnership with Fockus, CME and Oasis MTL.

Use code SUPAFRIK for $5 off here:


Here’s a flashback to our first time in Montreal (Gumbo 5) with DJ Camron, Sean Sax, Mr. Toure and Don Barbarino. Pure vibes! If you were there you already know. If you were not, come see for yourself at the next one! We are looking forward to rocking with the MTL fam again!

Bounce, Skate and Masquerade with GUMBO

*Toronto* We’re kicking off 2017 with another “Back to Back” edition of GUMBO (2 events in 1 night). This time last year we took you from FNLROM at Royal Ontario Museum to Tattoo on Queen West. This year the party starts at 7pm on the ice rink at Harbourfront(25 Queen’s Quay) for a GUMBOfied DJ Skate Night featuring DJ Revy B and at 11pm it moves over to The Vault, a few minutes away, for a Masquerade Jam. Masks are mandatory at the jam until 1am. Style code: Have fun with your outfit. Swanky. Dapper. Daring. Funky. Festive. Whatever floats your boat.

#WeAreGumbo is about connecting the musical dots widely and authentically. February is carnival time from Trinidad to Brazil and it’s also Mardi Gras season in New Orleans where our special guest DJ RQAway calls home. Last time we were in his city for GUMBO 3, he lit up the dancefloor with the energetic hometown sounds of Nola Bounce and Second Line brass band music and now we will give you a taste of New Orleans in Toronto! S-Quire will hold it down with the Soca and Revy B will keep the Afrobeats flowing. A carnivalesque Afro-diasporic journey into sound taking place inside a transformed bank vault? You don’t want to miss!

Get your early bird tickets:
More info:



Happy 2017 SUPAFRIKs!

 Happy New Year! Best wishes to all our followers and past and future teamsters/collaborators/partners.
Supafrik is up to something in the oh-1-seven!
Stay tuned to this channel. Exciting times up ahead!
Upcoming dates:

February 3: SUPAFRIK Central/Afro Lounge at FNLROM (Royal Ontario Museum) 
February 4: GUMBO Montreal (Artgang Montreal) 
February 11: GUMBO on Ice ( Harbourfront Centre) + Masquerade Party! 

David Oyelowo introduces Nollywood at TIFF16!


*TORONTO* Nollywood has invaded your city for #TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and we are excited to get in on the action! Nigeria’s homegrown film industry has blossomed into the 2nd largest film industry in the world with an avid fanbase spread across Africa and the Caribbean. In addition to checking out all 8 movies that are part of TIFF’s City to City focus on Lagos, Team #SUPAFRIK will be popping up at some of the Nollywood X TIFF parties, talks and special events. So follow us on Facebook and Instagram for reviews/happenings. Tickets are still on sale through ticketmaster here and we have already given away 6 pairs of tickets through the @SUPAFRIK instagram account and we have still lots more film and after-party tickets to give away. Follow us on instagram and twitter right now! The odds are in your favour.

The City to City focus on Lagos opened up the full exuberance and drama of Nollywood with a screening of “The Wedding Party” which chose TIFF to make its world premiere. The film was well received after this celebratory intro by British-Nigerian actor David Oyelowo set the tone for the rest of the evening.



GUMBO Choreographer: Pulga

SUPAFRIK and Shaman are bringing our popular GUMBO party to the Royal Ontario Museum for their Friday Night Live series, followed by an after party at Tattoo. The night will start with Afrofusion dance lessons lead by some of the best dancers in the city – Esie Mensah and Pulga Muchochoma. We asked them a bit about what they love to get to know them a bit better before they make us sweat on February 5! First up, Pulga.

Pulga Muchochoma


Why do you think African dance has become increasingly popular?
In the past 10 years I have noticed a huge increase in attention that African music has gotten from people around the world. In Toronto particularly, African dance has become increasingly popular because of the range of multiculturalism that this city offers.
Dance is a universal language. The word ‘Universal’ itself explains the fact that people can listen to any kind of  music and let their body translate the melody with joy and happiness. I find that African Music has so much rhythm, and it makes people expand their abilities to jump, fly and  create a momentum that even a person who says He/She can’t dance, starts changing the word Can’t into Can. With the help of social media the word keeps spreading and so does the amount of people that once said they ‘can’t dance’.
There are a lot of African Dance teachers now with  different range of techniques that give the people in this city more options. The fact that people have options it really makes them go out there and invite friends to join them and try something new and that gives a big impact on why African Dance is increasing more and more.
What are your top five favourite songs to dance to?

Share a clip with us of you dancing!

4. Where can people find you in the city? 
I live in Toronto and I work with a Modern Dance company called Toronto Dance Theatre which you can find on google for any of the company upcoming events/shows.
I teach my African Dance/Fitness workshop on Mondays night at 80 Winchester Street.
people can find out about my workshops on Facebook @ Pulga Cesar Muchochoma or by call on my cellphone 647 833 1602 .