On the Radar: The Urban South African Art Scene…

Most Torontonians cringe at the suggestion that one day Toronto walls will be washed clean of its art. It’s the thought of a Kensington market without its paint dripped panels, doors, and two storey throw ups; a college or queen street without secret alley way spreads and door way tags. With urban artistry under threat we at SUPAFRIK thought it right to find inspiration in South African urban art scene happenings

Take a tour …

Dutch Ink and Green Graffiti in Durban: Continuing the Green Graffiti tradition art contingent Dutch Ink scrubs style into forgotten wall spaces and places around Cape Town.

I Art Woodstock: The I Art Woodstock project brought S.A and international artists together for a community based mural initiative in Woodstock Capetown. The project is part of a larger collaboration between Adidas and a Word of Art.

Also check out this  short I Art Woodstock film;

Madrid Art Collective Boa Mistura in Capetown: As a part of the I Art Woodstock project Boa Mistura a Spanish arts collective including artists Arkoh, Derko,Rdick, Purone, and Pagh bring their diverse approaches to the form while celebrating their shared love for colour and graffiti.


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