When you listen to a selection of tracks from Josephine Oniyama’s 2008 teaser entitiled  In the Labryinth, and the 2010 EP  I Think it Was Love you might just be inclined to think her reminiscent of Tracy Chapman. This is not a bad comparison to make, but any comparison can be confining. Josephine’s new EP entitled A FREAK A is a perfect example of an artist who lulls you into a comfort zone and then busts you out with some unexpected arrangements. The title track  A FREAK A chops and screws the original acoustic string set that accompanied Josephine’s earlier works. Her voice bounds over the  strings reverb and together set a soundscape that we hope marks a new shift in what’s to come. Don’t get us wrong, we love what she’s been doing. But it’s always exciting to watch an artist switch it up on us just when we got comfortable. We at SUPAFRIK first heard Josephine over some loud speakers with a good dose of base; you do the same and tell us what you think.


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