Tapfuma the Soul Shyfta

I met Tapfuma the Soul Shyfta about 7 or 8 years ago when we were both students at the University of Toronto. Since we were both passionate about music it was inevitable that we would eventually work together. The first song I produced for him was titled “Rules of Survival” and featured his twin brother Tatenda singing on the hook. We started working on a second song called “Arrow” but we never got around to finishing it because he picked up and left Toronto to do social work in South Africa. What was supposed to be a year’s hiatus slowly turned into five and we all but lost contact.

After a long break from music, I recently started recording again with his brother Tatenda for the Bend Down Boutique project and at the end of one of our sessions he played me a track that Tapfuma was working on called “Diamond Soul” that blew me away. It’s one thing to be a vocalist- a lot of people rap and sing or do both – but there is no short cut to becoming a fully realized artist. It takes life experience and Tapfuma seems to have that in spades. There is a maturity and worldliness in the music that shines through, both in his lyrics and vocals and also in the music which is produced by Josh Gray. I was pleasantly surprised with the singing on these songs because I had only heard him rap prior to that. Make no mistake this is not just singing for the sake of filling up 8 bars on the hook. As evidenced on the soulful house-tinged “Struggle Child”, Tapfuma has a knack for melodies and approaches the craft of singing with seriousness. I am proud of how far he has come and excited to see where he goes next. A Pan-Africanist at heart (or perhaps by birth) Tapfuma was born in the UK of Zimbabwean and Trinidadian heritage. After relocating from Toronto to Capetown/Jo’burg, Tapfuma recently made a move to Akropong, a small town outside Accra, Ghana. You will definitely hear more from Tapfuma right here on Supafrik. In the meantime check out the songs below and visit his facebook page.

Diamond Soul – Tapfuma the Soul Shyfta

Struggle Child – Tapfuma the Soul Shyfta


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