Sneak Peek: The Making of the Marrakesh Collection

“It’s around 8:30PM on Friday. Less than a week before the Marrakesh collection is launched in DC and less than three days before I have to leave Toronto. I have a humanly impossible amount of stuff left to do but this woven label that recently came in the mail is the official point of no return. I have started and stopped this collection twice in as many years. Scrapped ideas and then dug up some of them up again only to re-trash them. I feel like I’ve been held hostage by this idea for too long. The woven label means “the end” but I suppose I should really start from the beginning….”

Chinedu Ukabam | Designer | Chinedesign

Click on the pictures below to see his behind the scenes creative process of the collection that will be making an exclusive debut in DC. Also join the facebok invite to keep track of all the local buzz we’ve been getting and some last minute surprise additions to the SUPAFRIK Experience.

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