Palattes in Paris…A Video Recap

The second installment of Palattes of Africa took place in the Châtelet neighbourhood of Paris, France in the summer of 2013 in collaboration with one of the youngest and most innovative chefs on the food scene by the name of Dieuveil Malonga. The self-proclaimed “food stylist” opened the SUPAFRIK pop-up with a 16 course offering and concluded the closing day with a brunch and food demonstration. His gastronomic reductions and remixes of African dishes wowed the guests in attendance at the opening. A master of artful food design and a wizard at creating new flavors, Dieuveil drew from his Congolese childhood, his German upbringing and culinary training and his French inspiration. He went on to become a finalist in Top Chef France earlier this year at the age of 21.

The third installment in the Palattes series intends to build on the same elements that made the first two successful, whilst honing in on the thematic focus of the event. Neatly dovetailing with the world cup fever thats taking over the city for the next month, Palattes will celebrate the West African roots of Brazilian cuisine and the Brazilian origins of West African food! Presented in the form of a brunch, the menu developed in collaboration with up and coming chef Lohi Ogolo, will contain elements of a Brazillian breakfast, street food from Ghana and drinks from Senegal. The event will also feature the artwork and contribution of Komi Olaf as well as a SUPAFRIK pop-up shop that will allow visitors to purchase items from the online shop. Seating is by advanced tickets only which can be purchased from:

Date: Sunday June 29th
Time: 12noon to 3pm

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