Water Carry Me Go Artist Profile: GLORIA WAVAMUNNO (Uganda)


Gloria WavaMunnoface

Born in London, England and raised between the fast paced London and Kampala, GLORIA WAVAMUNNO graduated from Art school in 2008. A year later, in January 2009, she founded her label, GLORIA WAVAMUNNO, and created her first collection, L.O.V.E. In the same year her label started, she showcased her third collection, A-FREAK-A at the AFI Africa Fashion Week 2010, which internationally increased her recognition as an upcoming artist. The brand has been featured in Elle SA, The German Africa Positive and Unleashed Magazine, among others. Having spent time interning for renowned men’s designer, Ozwald Boateng on Savile Row, GloRia acquired impeccable skills in the industry. Her vision is to fuse the diverse, eccentric and vibrant world of African cultures, textures, fabrics and print, to the adaption of timeless and inventive garment constructions. A signature style of authentic fabrics, sharp tailoring, sensual designs and individuality continue to show in her creations. For her, fashion is not merely a trend but rather an integral part of her. Ultimately, the GLORIA WAVAMUNNO brand remains her true reflection of her admiration and heart for individuality, sensuality, and culture.We’re proud to introduce Gloria as one of the featured artists in Water Carry Me Go.

How did you approach the theme of water for your piece in Water Carry Me Go?

My approach to the theme of water for the piece in Water Carry Me Go, was based on first the simplicity of the very subject. I let my first ideas and thoughts about water be the base on which the dress would form, and with that first idea, the movement and flow inspired the textures that would be used. The structure which was inspired by the forms that water creates-drop holes, swirls, and light continuous ripples-giving the piece the effect of movement. The colour was inspired by water, which comes across as light/heavy blues to greys, blacks, and whites into transparency, depending on what it touches. The whole piece is a form of water in its many dimentions and multitudes.

What motivated you to be involved in this project?

It will sound a bit mystical, but my first interest began with my deep love and slight obsession with water in general. My next motivation was the creative freedom that the project allowed me, as well as the exciting experience of having my work exhibited with such a message, mission and care.

What does your workspace look like right now? Is there anything else you want to add?

My work space is full of feathers right now, since they are one of the key materials used for this piece. We are embraced in feathers. It is all part of the organized chaos of creating the piece. This experience has also been an experimentation with fabric in a new manner to match the ideas in my head, which has created an exciting learning period as we continue to finish this piece to completion. There is also a healthy anxiousness in the air for the end result, given the trials and tribulations we have faced within the creation process.

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