Water Carry Me Go – The Designers

On February 5th, Water Carry Me Go, a fashion-art exhibit curated by our very own Chinedu Ukabam, is launching at the Royal Ontario Museum as part of Friday Night Live. The exhibit celebrates Afro-diasporic fashion and art and is centred on the theme of water; water as a passage, a cause of displacement, and the origin of mythology.

Water Carry Me Go‘s featured designers have taken the theme and created beautiful garments exclusively for the show that demolish barriers between fashion and art. Each garment is closely personal to the cultures, histories, visions, and realities of the artists. To introduce you to them, their phenomenal work, and the vision behind the garments they’ve created for the exhibit, we’ve asked them a few questions about their work. Click through their names below to find out more about their pieces!

Carol Baretto

carol barreto black

Sindiso Khumalo


Ashley Alexis McFarlane

ashley alexis McFarlane

Nkwo Onwuka

Designer profile image

Chinedu Ukabam



Gloria WavaMunnoface

Robert Young

robert Young the cloth

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