MEET THE FRIKS – Lucy Hamlet, Co-Producer

As we approach the dates for “Come Up to My Room”, Toronto’s premier alternative design festival being held at the Gladstone Hotel from January 21-24, we want to introduce you to the team!  In the upcoming weeks we’ll be sharing tidbits of ourselves in our Team Tuesday series.  

First up? Co-Producer Lucy Hamlet.



Do you know what your name means?

As far as I am aware, my name means “light bringer”. It’s often given to children born at dawn or in the daylight. I imagine it’s in the same family as the name Lucifer…you know, the descended archangel of knowledge. *cackles maniacally*

What is your city of origin?

St. Joseph (Sen. Jo), Dominica

Why did you decide to become a part of Supafrik?

I truly feel that the work I do at Supafrik is the type of work I am meant to do. There is nothing pretentious about it. It comes easy. We are able to talk about difficult, and important issues that affect us as African people in an impactful way and yet still remain playful. I’ve learned that we don’t always have to scream the message from the mountain top. 

The conversations that I have between myself and Chi as Co-producers and creative individuals feel very natural as we shift from project management to swapping stories about food and culture. It all feels very connected in an ancestral way. 

What is your favorite thing about working on these projects?

I keep learning new things and meeting amazingly talented people. Not to mention being able to coordinate designers from across the African Globe. Water Carry Me Go is life for me right now!

What are you looking forward to most in terms of the Supafrik projects?

Whatever crazy brilliant ideas that comes from the brain of Chinedu Ukabam!

And finally, what are your favourite Afrobeats songs right now?

All Flavour all the time… ‘Sexy Rosey’ featuring P Square

‘Romantic’ Korede Bello featuring Tiwa Savage (love her).

Johnny- Yemi Alade (pretty much anything by her)

‘Bend Down Pause’ the Runtown and Walshy fire remix featuring Machel Montano and Wizkid (soca touches afrobeats – my life is complete)

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