GUMBO Choreographer: Pulga

SUPAFRIK and Shaman are bringing our popular GUMBO party to the Royal Ontario Museum for their Friday Night Live series, followed by an after party at Tattoo. The night will start with Afrofusion dance lessons lead by some of the best dancers in the city – Esie Mensah and Pulga Muchochoma. We asked them a bit about what they love to get to know them a bit better before they make us sweat on February 5! First up, Pulga.

Pulga Muchochoma


Why do you think African dance has become increasingly popular?
In the past 10 years I have noticed a huge increase in attention that African music has gotten from people around the world. In Toronto particularly, African dance has become increasingly popular because of the range of multiculturalism that this city offers.
Dance is a universal language. The word ‘Universal’ itself explains the fact that people can listen to any kind of  music and let their body translate the melody with joy and happiness. I find that African Music has so much rhythm, and it makes people expand their abilities to jump, fly and  create a momentum that even a person who says He/She can’t dance, starts changing the word Can’t into Can. With the help of social media the word keeps spreading and so does the amount of people that once said they ‘can’t dance’.
There are a lot of African Dance teachers now with  different range of techniques that give the people in this city more options. The fact that people have options it really makes them go out there and invite friends to join them and try something new and that gives a big impact on why African Dance is increasing more and more.
What are your top five favourite songs to dance to?

Share a clip with us of you dancing!

4. Where can people find you in the city? 
I live in Toronto and I work with a Modern Dance company called Toronto Dance Theatre which you can find on google for any of the company upcoming events/shows.
I teach my African Dance/Fitness workshop on Mondays night at 80 Winchester Street.
people can find out about my workshops on Facebook @ Pulga Cesar Muchochoma or by call on my cellphone 647 833 1602 .



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