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Tapfuma the Soul Shyfta

I met Tapfuma the Soul Shyfta about 7 or 8 years ago when we were both students at the University of Toronto. Since we were both passionate about music it was inevitable that we would eventually work together. The first song I produced for him was titled “Rules of Survival” and featured his twin brother Tatenda singing on the hook. We started working on a second song called “Arrow” but we never got around to finishing it because he picked up and left Toronto to do social work in South Africa. What was supposed to be a year’s hiatus slowly turned into five and we all but lost contact. Continue reading


My name is Chinedu and I am a SUPAFRIK. I am also a designer and my 8 year old label is called Chinedesign. A few weeks ago on a quiet sunday morning, I launched a collection for summer called Afrotropolis . I hadn’t shown a collection in two years (I took a break to go to school and learn more about the business) so I felt a bit of pressure going into the showing. Between the challenges of the live mannequin concept and the snowstorm in the middle of spring, so much could have gone wrong and yet for the most part everything went right. I am happy that the collection and my choice of presentation was well received. I got a mention in the National Post and Afrotropolis is making its way through the blogsphere like here and here. There’s more to come but I’m keeping it mum for now. In a future post, I will break down the African inspiration behind the collection. In the meantime you can check out the lookbook photographs by the amazing Naz Tana as well as the video above that I sliced together from amateur footage of the event (excuse the occasional shakiness and the guillotine effect).

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Available at the upcoming SUPAFRIK pop-up.

Ndebele Wall Art Silk Dress (A) by Chinedesign

Ndebele Wall Art Silk Dress (A)

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Straight out the dungeons….

It took me a bit longer than I had anticipated to figure out the innards of a wordpress blog but it’s finally here! With this first entry, I feel like Nas at the beginning of “NY State of Mind”. The epic Primo beat is building up in his headphones and he feels compelled to start off the song in an a way that matches its intensity. He buys a bit of time by redundantly confirming that it’s time for him to start the song and then he attempts a grand entrance: “Straight out the dungeons of rap…” Perhaps that opening must have struck him as a tad over-dramatic but for whatever reason he does not find it sufficient to segue right into his verse. With a few seconds left to go before the start of his verse, he finally admits “I don’t know how to start this shit” and without further fanfare proceeds to deliver one of the most revered verses in hip-hop history.

Okay that first paragraph was me buying time. This right here is me admitting that I don’t know how to start this. The next entry is me just getting right into it without any further preamble. SUPAFRIK is here.

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