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Putting the Continent on the Big Screen. Africa at the Underground (Ticket Giveaway)

SUPAFRIK takes a moment to catch up with producer Lucy Hamlet and find out a bit more about her next project, “Africa at Underground” which aims to turn Toronto on to the wide gamut of African cinema.

We will be giving away five pairs of tickets to the first five people who send an email to All you have to do is mention one African actor and the film they were featured in. It’s that simple.

Hi Lucy can you tell us a little about yourself and your involvement in film and theater?

I have been involved in theater/events production for over 15 years. I owned and operated a live event production company for about 7 years in Toronto. Produced shows, (mostly theater some concerts) locally and internationally (UMOJA, Denyce Graves); also wrote and directed a few pieces for stage (Love ‘n Movement, VIBE). On the film side so far I have been more of a connoisseur.  Always loved film, more importantly I love the long reach of the medium to take me to places I have never been right from the comfort of wherever I am existing in that moment, my living room, an airplane, wherever!

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Afrotropolis Giveaway Winners Announced!

Watch the video below to find out if you are one of the three lucky winners who get to take home any piece that they covet from the Afrotropolis collection!

The t-shirt Chinedu is wearing is courtesy of the AITF collective out of Paris, France. He had a chance to sit down and build with them last time he was out there and we will be posting more about AITF on this blog. Stay tuned!