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From Paris with Love, AITF returns to SUPAFRIK!

AFRICA IS THE FUTURE was the favorite at the first SUPAFRIK so we are bringing it back for the second time. Created by the AITF crew ( a collective of photographers, designers, musicians and multimedia artists based in Paris) AFRICA IS THE FUTURE is a t-shirt campaign initiated in 2004 by founding members Nicolas Premier & Patrick Ayamam to promote new ways of thinking Africa and its place in the World. Continue reading


On Now: Africa at Hot Docs

Hot Docs

Yesterday marked the kick-off of Hot Docs in Toronto, a film festival entirely dedicated to documentaries. Growing in popularity since it started in 1993, Hot Docs has become the most anticipated film festival in Toronto second only to TIFF. Werner Herzog once described a documentary as “feature film in disguise” and this description holds more true than ever as documentaries have begun to start shift from a niche periphery and more and more into the mainstream.  There have been a few attempts to explain the exponential increase of our interest in documentaries. Some wager that reality TV has softened us up to the “look and feel” and pace of documentaries while others think it has something to do with Hollywood’s plot-rehashing tendencies starting to wear thin. Whatever the case is, we are glad that festivals like Hot Docs exist to give us unfettered access to alternative narratives. Looking at the schedule, there’s almost 200 films (some great ones about fashion and music too) to choose from but we’ve chosen to highlight documentaries that are set in Africa or centered around the diaspora.

Here are some films that we hope to catch before the HotDocs festival concludes on May 6th:

1. Meanwhile in Memelodi – Set against the jubilant backdrop of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa which cost their government $3.5 billion, this film zooms in on the life of a shopkeeper and his family struggling to make ends meet in a poor neighbourhood. It is a portrait of hope and perseverance in the face of austerity. Showing: 9:30pm Friday April 27 at Tiff Lightbox, 4pm Saturday April 28 at Cumberland 2

2. Marley – We have seen at least three documentaries on Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley but this one by Kevin MacDonald (Last King of ScotlandOne Day in September) claims to be the definitive one and it has a long list of familiar names as executive producers to prove it.  Nevertheless, the promise of unreleased concert footage and intimate interviews from those who knew him best make this Canadian premier of the doc too enticing to pass up on Showing: 3:30pm Thursday May 3 at Isabel Bader Theater, 815pm Saturday May 5 at Bloor Hot Doc Cinema

2. The Ambassador – The youtube trailer for this satirical documentary by Danish director/journalist Mads Brugger has a like to dislike ratio of about 1:15 so naturally I am intrigued as to whether he offended the wrong people or (hopefully) the right ones. A documentary about  a European going undercover as a diplomat to unveil the corrupt ways of the power brokers in Africa is sure to be good for a few laughs but we’re curious to see how far it veers out of Borat territory to ask some serious questions Showing: 4:00pm Friday April 27 at Isabel Bader Theater, 4:45pm Friday May 4 at TIFF Lightbox and 9:00pm Saturday May 5 at The Regent

Bonus: The excellent trailer for  Tchoupoutiulas , the adventures of three teenage boys as they explore the french quarter in new orleans, certainly has us intrigued as does Brooklyn Castle, a documentary about the struggles of an inner city school’s chess team in the midst of the financial crisis.

If you have seen or end up seeing any of these movies, feel free to post up a comment and let us know what you thought of our suggestions.

The Aftermath of Afrotropolis Wanderland

We took a short hiatus from the blog to regroup and start sowing the seeds for the next projects but we’re back in effect, rejuvenated and excited for the months ahead.

Last February, Toronto was introduced to Afrotropolis-Wanderland; the fashion experience directed by fashion designer Chinedu Ukabam and sponsored by TD, a part of their Then and Now festival for Black History Month. Described by blogTO‘s Paul Aguire as “the one night only multi-sensory art exhibit”, the show was well received by fashion bloggers, industry elite, fashionistas and art lovers in attendance. Seated in the front row was popular fashion blogger Anita Clarke from IwantIgot, who said the show was “very cool and impeccably designed”.

Afrotropolis-Wanderland was the launch of Chinedu’s new collection of the same name and included fashion, film and art that was inspired by different periods in black history, cultural markers and iconic people of African origin. (click here to see the picture gallery from the show). This collaborative effort featured the work of visual artists Jimmy Chiale and Kalkdian Assefa, who created designs that were “remixed” to create print textiles. Continue reading

Win a pair of tickets to Afrotropolis Wanderland!

Want to win a pair of tickets to Afrotropolis Wanderland taking place on February 4, 2012? If so, take part in our contest for your chance to win! Be sure to read the contest rules carefully and good luck!

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Birds of a feather…A sit down with more of the creative minds behind Afrotropolis Wanderland

#AfrotropolisWanderland will be an experience where the worlds of fashion, film and visual arts are merged together for  “the one-night only, multi-sensory art exhibit” as described by Paul Aguirre in this weeks Fashion and Style section of blogTO.

Register for Afrotropolis-Wanderland in Toronto, Ontario  on Eventbrite

Tickets on sale now at

Afrotropolis Wanderland Feb. 4 2011

Last week we sat down with the creative mind behind the show’s concept and fashion designs, Chinedu Ukabam of Chinedesign. He provided insight into the work that went into the show and what we could expect. This week we had a roundtable discussion with some other key contributors involved in the show; visual artists Kalkidan Assefa and Jimmy Chiale , as well as video and film producer Marcos Fantu. They shared with us why they jumped on board this project, creative process behind the collaboration and the source of their inspiration.  Continue reading

A More In-depth Look into Afrotropolis Wanderland

Nsibidi Afrotropolis Wanderland

Still shot from Afrotropolis Wanderland

2012 is here and moving quickly! It is already the second week of January, which means Afrotropolis Wanderland is right around the corner!

Taking place on February 4, 2012 and sponsored by TD as a part of their Then and Now festival in celebration of Black History Month,  Afrotropolis Wanderland will be a creative experience merging the worlds of visual arts, fashion and film to create a universe that commemorates different periods in Black history and celebrates the achievements of people of African origin. Advance tickets ($20) can be purchased at

Register for Afrotropolis-Wanderland in Toronto, Ontario  on Eventbrite

We tapped into the mind of Chinedu of Chinedesign, the creative director behind the Afrotropolis Wanderland project to gain a better understanding of the show and the entire experience that is Afrotropolis Wanderland.

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Return to Afrotropolis….February 2012

The Face of Afrotropolis Wanderland

In April of 2011, Afrotropolis made its debut in Toronto.  The creative idea of  Toronto fashion designer Chinedu Ukabam of Chinedesign, it featured “live mannequins” displaying the collection in a gallery setting. Afrotropolis was well received by the fashion/arts community, the media and the blogsphere. For all those that have been requesting a sequel, we have some great news! We are pleased to announce that the second installment to this series is currently in the works!  Afrotropolis Wanderland will debut in February 2012, sponsored by TD as a part of their Then and Now festival in celebration of Black History Month (CBC Radio and Television are the media partners).  Unlike the first, which was composed entirely of Chinedu’s designs, the second installment will be a collaborative effort with other creative minds from the worlds of visual arts, fashion and film to create a universe that commemorates different periods in Black history and celebrates the achievements and cultural beacons of people of African origin.

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