David Oyelowo introduces Nollywood at TIFF16!


*TORONTO* Nollywood has invaded your city for #TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) and we are excited to get in on the action! Nigeria’s homegrown film industry has blossomed into the 2nd largest film industry in the world with an avid fanbase spread across Africa and the Caribbean. In addition to checking out all 8 movies that are part of TIFF’s City to City focus on Lagos, Team #SUPAFRIK will be popping up at some of the Nollywood X TIFF parties, talks and special events. So follow us on Facebook and Instagram for reviews/happenings. Tickets are still on sale through ticketmaster here and we have already given away 6 pairs of tickets through the @SUPAFRIK instagram account and we have still lots more film and after-party tickets to give away. Follow us on instagram and twitter right now! The odds are in your favour.

The City to City focus on Lagos opened up the full exuberance and drama of Nollywood with a screening of “The Wedding Party” which chose TIFF to make its world premiere. The film was well received after this celebratory intro by British-Nigerian actor David Oyelowo set the tone for the rest of the evening.





GUMBO Choreographer: Pulga

SUPAFRIK and Shaman are bringing our popular GUMBO party to the Royal Ontario Museum for their Friday Night Live series, followed by an after party at Tattoo. The night will start with Afrofusion dance lessons lead by some of the best dancers in the city – Esie Mensah and Pulga Muchochoma. We asked them a bit about what they love to get to know them a bit better before they make us sweat on February 5! First up, Pulga.

Pulga Muchochoma


Why do you think African dance has become increasingly popular?
In the past 10 years I have noticed a huge increase in attention that African music has gotten from people around the world. In Toronto particularly, African dance has become increasingly popular because of the range of multiculturalism that this city offers.
Dance is a universal language. The word ‘Universal’ itself explains the fact that people can listen to any kind of  music and let their body translate the melody with joy and happiness. I find that African Music has so much rhythm, and it makes people expand their abilities to jump, fly and  create a momentum that even a person who says He/She can’t dance, starts changing the word Can’t into Can. With the help of social media the word keeps spreading and so does the amount of people that once said they ‘can’t dance’.
There are a lot of African Dance teachers now with  different range of techniques that give the people in this city more options. The fact that people have options it really makes them go out there and invite friends to join them and try something new and that gives a big impact on why African Dance is increasing more and more.
What are your top five favourite songs to dance to?

Share a clip with us of you dancing!

4. Where can people find you in the city? 
I live in Toronto and I work with a Modern Dance company called Toronto Dance Theatre which you can find on google for any of the company upcoming events/shows.
I teach my African Dance/Fitness workshop on Mondays night at 80 Winchester Street.
people can find out about my workshops on Facebook @ Pulga Cesar Muchochoma or by call on my cellphone 647 833 1602 .


Water Carry Me Go: Seven Songs About Water

In anticipation of the fashion-art exhibit Water Carry Me Go, curator Chinedu Ukabam has compiled a list of seven songs about water that inspired the exhibition. The exhibit is an ode to the African Diaspora, and the tracks are a reflection of that, spanning cities, continents, and genres. Take in some Jazz, Soul, Afrobeat, Cuban Rumba, and Gospel and get ready for Water Carry Me Go! If you know any other songs about water, please post them in the comments.

Mos Def – New World Water (United States)

Fela Kuti – water no get enemy (Nigeria)

Sir Victor Uwaifo – Guitar Boy (Mami Wata) (Nigeria)

Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson – Rivers of my Father (USA)

Ibeyi – River (French Cuban)

Ella Jenkins – Wade in the Water (USA)

Celia Cruz – Yemaya (Cuba)


GUMBO is back!

Deemaks, Sean Sax, and Donet are the featured DJs for GUMBO #4, which will be hosted as usual by Wan and Chi from 9pm–11pm at the Royal Ontario Museum’s Friday Night Live, before the night moves Tattoo (567 Queen Street West) at 11:00pm.

Leading up to the night, we’re featuring the DJs that’ll make the night worthwhile. Read below to find out about DJ Revy B!


Revy-B is a Toronto based DJ, who has an indescribable love for music and the art of mixing. She is known as one of the hottest Afrobeats DJ in the city. With her signature style, effervescent sets, and boundless energy in the booth, Revy B gets people revved up. In addition, her cultural background has helped her to become even more versatile and touch different crowds. You can catch DJ Revy_B every last Saturday of the month at her brand event called AFROJUNCTION. DJ Revy_B spins a mix of mainstream music including Hip-Hop, R&B, Old School R&B/Hip-Hop, House, Reggae, Afrobeats, Soca and much more.

She holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from the University Of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa. She is an “Accountant by Day & DJ by Night.”

How did you get involved in music?
Music has always been a big part of my life. As a child, whenever we would have guests over, my cousin and I would entertain them by reenacting our favourite songs and music videos. I had always wanted to learn how to DJ because I thought it would be a cool way to share different types of music with the world and it express myself, but it wasn’t until summer of 2013 after graduating from university and getting my first job, I was finally able to afford my first DJ controller, and the rest is history.

What are your top 3 Afrobeats songs right now?
Good Time – Kiss Daniel
Romantic – Korede Bello ft. Tiwa Savage
The Money – Davido Ft. Olamide

What are your top 3 Soca songs right now?
Ola – Olatunji
Like Ah Boss – Micheal Montano
No Apology – Kerwin Du Bois

Where can we find you online?
Website: djrevyb.com
FB: facebook.com/DjRevyB
Twitter: @djrevy_b
IG: @djrevy_b
Soundcloud: Revy_B
Mixcloud: djrevy_b

GUMBO: DJ Deemaks


This time around, SUPAFRIK and Shaman are taking it up a few notches to bring the feeling of carnival season to the city. GUMBO will take place at two venues in one night. The party will start at the ROM with DJ Revy B supplying the soundtrack to an introductory Afrofusion dance class featuring dance choreographers Esie Mensah and Pulga Muchochoma, from 7-8pm. In between, attendees can explore other Friday Night Live programming, including an afro-diasporic fashion-art exhibit, “Water Carry Me Go”. Deemaks, Sean Sax, and Donet are the featured DJs for GUMBO #4 which will be hosted as usual by Wan and Chi, from 9pm–11pm , before the night moves Tattoo (567 Queen Street West) at 11:00pm.
Leading up to the night, we’re featuring the DJs that’ll make the night worthwhile. First up, DJ Deemaks.




Damola Makinde, better known as DJ Deemaks, has established an impressive resume in his relatively short DJ career. Deemaks is a Canadian Open Format/Afrobeats/Afrohouse DJ with an ever-growing worldwide fan base that eagerly anticipates each new mix and lively performance at their events.

His first mix released to the general public, NAIJA VIBES, became an instant hit. Subsequent successful releases include RUSH HOUR, which features dance, pop, edm& urban sounds and his famous African mixes GIDI VIBES, AFROBEATS SESSIONS, AFROBEAT GROOVE and many more. In total, he has over 14 million views on YouTube and over 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud.

Deemaks has played at some high profile events worldwide including the annual Sfinks Festival in Belgium, Toronto Harbourfront’s Hot & Spicy Festival, Toronto’s African Fashion Week After Party and many more. He has been billed alongside DJs like Walshy Fire (Major Lazer) and was most recently the Canadian tour DJ for R2Bees.


How did you get involved in music?
I’ve been involved since I was about 15. I DJ’ed high school events and I never stopped.

What are your top 3 Afrobeats songs right now?
Wizkid – Final


What are your top 3 Soca songs right now?
Machel Montano and Tarrus Riley – Memory


Where can we find you online?
Twitter: @deemaks
Instagram: @djdeemaks
Soundcloud: DJDeemaks


Anything else you would like to add?
Gumbo is about to be lit… 🙂


Style and Profile : How it Went Down

This past weekend, SUPAFRIK wrapped up Style and Profile at Toronto’s largest alternative design festival “Come Up to My Room”, held annually at the Gladstone. If you didn’t get a chance to see the exhibition yourself, we’ve put together a collection of stylish moments just for you!



STYLE 1    12383582_691925380910632_1852744018_n.jpg

Style and Profile became an interactive experience as people picked up the ID Shades to see and be seen in the ways they choose.




To get a closer look at how it all came together at the Gladstone, follow the tags: cutmr16, comeuptomyroom, and CUTMR.


MEET THE FRIKS – The Interns

Next up in our Team Tuesdays Series – our interns!

SUPAFRIK welcomed a new batch of interns onto our team for our early 2016 projects. They’ve been working hard helping us on our mission to saturate Toronto with contemporary African awesomeness. Get to know them a little bit better…

 Studio Manager


Name: Rufaro Matanda
Meaning of Name: Happiness
City/Cities of origin: Harare

Why did you decide to become involved with SUPAFRIK?
Supafrik, in the past, has had amazing projects that showcase Contemporary African fashion and art. I had been an avid fan and follower of their curatorial lens, so when the opportunity jumped out for me to participate I immediately jumped on it.

What is your favourite part about working on these projects?
The hands on experience is by far my favourite part. Working on the canvases and having input on the creative process behind the curtain has helped me enhance my perceptual abilities as an artist and an aspiring art connoisseur.

What SUPAFRIK projects are you most looking forward to?
Ahhhh! Water Carry Me Go is amazing! It is a must see!

What is your favourite Afrobeats song right now?
Patoranking ft. Wande Coal – My Woman, My Everything

PR and Communications Intern

2016-01-22 05.57.41 2.jpg

Name: Hawa Noor
Meaning of Name: My first name, Hawa, means different things in different languages. In Swahili, it means Desire or Longing. It’s the Quranic (Arabic) version of Eve (as in Adam and Eve). In Hindi, it means Breeze. My last name, Noor, means light.
Cities of origin: Faza and Mombasa (Kenya), Moshi (Tanzania), Toronto (Canada)

Why did you decide to become involved with SUPAFRIK?
My friend Souleik went to a few of SUPAFRIK’s parties last year, which I could never make it to because I was always at work! She’s the one who introduced me to SUPAFRIK and their projects. I’ve never encountered a collective that’s so much of a combination of everything that I love – art, music, fashion, and Africa!

What is your favourite part about working on these projects?
I’m never bored here. I have a notoriously short attention span, so I knew I was at home here when I went 9 hours without tweeting. I also love everyone I work with. I’m learning so much.

What SUPAFRIK projects are you most looking forward to?
All of them! I can’t choose. Right now, I’m looking forward to the next project, Water Carry Me Go. The garments are under lock and key and we only get tiny sneak peeks – I can’t wait to see them all together.

What is your favourite Afrobeats song right now?
I have way too many. I’ll name the first song in my Soundcloud playlist right now – Lil Kesh – Ibile. It’s probably going to change tomorrow, though.

Artist Assistant

11037179_10156068785180618_8324467162379175179_n (1)

Name: Oyinkansola Olalekan
Meaning of Name: My name is a Yoruba name that means “Honey has dropped into my wealth”. I’ve always teased my Mom saying that with a name like this one, how could she ever be surprised that she gave birth to an artist.
Cities of origin: I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. But grew up in New York and Calgary before I found myself in Toronto.

Why did you decide to become involved with SUPAFRIK?
It didn’t take much for me to know I would want to work with the Supafrik team. I saw the work they had previously done with their pop-up shops on the blog. Their events found a way of blending all of my favorite things: art, design, fashion, and of course foo

What is your favourite part about working on these projects?
I love the conceptualization process that happens with the Supafrik team. It’s a beautiful thing seeing how an idea that gets tossed around becomes something real and tangible. I think part of that is definitely the atmosphere that’s been built as we put in the long hours at the studio. Its a space that allows for us to share the ideas we have and play with them until they feel right.

What SUPAFRIK projects are you most looking forward to?
I really cannot wait to see the final pieces for Water Carry Me Go. It has been so exciting to get sneak peeks as the designers finish their projects. Each piece is so detailed and specific to the designer’s interpretation of the theme and I think it will be incredible to see it all live at the ROM.
What is your favourite Afrobeats song right now?
Definitely still bumping Aye by Davido, Standing Ovation by Tiwa Savage ft. Olamide, and even though they aren’t Afrobeat, the Ibeyi twins have been getting steady play.