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Tuned in to the Sounds of…Burna Boy

An artist that’s been getting alot of spins at the SUPAFRIK HQ is Burna Boy from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. With his effortless fusion of Jamaican patois with Nigerian pidgin and dancehall and house with hip-hop and highlife, it’s no surprise why’s been pegged by many tastemakers as the next artist to make a big splash on the African music scene.
Unlike most artists of his generation, Burna is not afraid to sometimes incorporate live musicians play a big part in his performances (No big surprise there. His grandfather was Fela Kuti’s longtime manager) Even if your New Year’s Eve was a low key affair, you can live vicariously through Burna Boy’s video for his feel good smash single “Like to Party” (produced by the talented Leriq) above and his latest  house-tinged release for 2013, “Tonight” below:

Tapfuma the Soul Shyfta

I met Tapfuma the Soul Shyfta about 7 or 8 years ago when we were both students at the University of Toronto. Since we were both passionate about music it was inevitable that we would eventually work together. The first song I produced for him was titled “Rules of Survival” and featured his twin brother Tatenda singing on the hook. We started working on a second song called “Arrow” but we never got around to finishing it because he picked up and left Toronto to do social work in South Africa. What was supposed to be a year’s hiatus slowly turned into five and we all but lost contact. Continue reading