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Palattes of Africa returns with a Brazilian “Brunch”… from West Africa with Love


Now in its third installation after its sold-out debuts in Toronto(2012) and Paris(2013) , Palattes of Africa is a unique food meets art event spearheaded by fashion designer, curator and food lover, Chinedu Ukabam in collaboration with a rotating cast of burgeoning young chefs and artists. Palattes is presented in the form of a pop-up restaurant and explores West African cuisine by showcasing traditional African dishes as well as original “Afro-fusion” takes on the familiar (think Jollof Rice “Sushi” rolls stuffed with jerked catfish). Equal parts history and culinary art, Palattes aims to delight the senses while engaging the intellect. The proliferation of international cuisine in cosmopolitan cities means that the average food enthusiast has at least a passing familiarity with everything from Korean and Caribbean to Mediterranean and Latin American.  However with only a smattering of restaurants scattered outside the core, West African cuisine still remains the final food frontier in Toronto. There are a few deliciously original “discoveries” still left to be made in food and a good number of them are to be found in the cuisine of West Africa, as rich in flavor and texture as it is in symbolism. 


The third installment in the Palattes series intends to build on the same elements that made the first two successful, whilst honing in on the thematic focus of the event. Neatly dovetailing with the world cup fever thats taking over the city for the next month, Palattes will celebrate the West African roots of Brazilian cuisine and the Brazilian origins of  West African food! Presented in the form of a brunch, the menu developed in collaboration with up and coming chef Lohi Ogolo, will contain elements of a Brazillian breakfast, street food from Ghana and drinks from Senegal. The event will also feature the artwork and contribution of Komi Olaf as well as a SUPAFRIK pop-up shop that will allows visitors to purchase items from the online shop. Seating is with advance tickets only which can be purchased from palattesofafrica.eventbrite.ca 

Date: Sunday June 29th Time: 12noon to 3pm Venue: 952 Queen St West, Toronto (Enter through MOCCA courtyard)


Art Feature: Moondust by Sara Golish

You might have already seen pieces from the beautifully rendered “Moondust” series that’s been spreading like wildfire across the social media sphere for the past two weeks or you might have come across other works from the artist such as her magnetic graphite sketch of British-Nigerian soul singer Sade. We recently sat down with Toronto-based artist, Sara Golish to discuss the inspiration behind “Moondust” and future plans for her “ode to Afrofuturism”. Enjoy!

How long have you been working on the “Moondust” series for?
I started the series back in the spring/summer of 2013 but had been pondering the concepts for at least a few years. Some things just take time to evolve right?

There certainly is an “Afrofuturistic” feel to the series. How did you go about researching the look and feel of the series?
Yes, for sure. One of the main inspiration elements was from the Afrofuturism movement, which I have been long drawn to. My research varies a lot. Sometimes I’ll sit down for hours and look up images, ideas, concepts and become lost in my quest. While other times it may only happen briefly or when I’m not looking, I’ll come across a hairstyle or cool piece of jewelry that ignites an idea.


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