Malyka – An Inspired Brand. Now at SUPAFRIK Pop-Up #3!

Coming for  the first time to SUPAFRIK is the Malyka label! Their collection of graphic tees with inspirational messages and icons like Patrice Lumumba and Nelson Mandela debuted at SUPAFRIK this past Saturday. Their tees are made of high-quality cotton fabric and come in a large variety of  colorways in men and women styles. Swing by the pop-up shop to check it out at 627 Queen West, Toronto. We will be open from 1pm to 6pm everyday until August 4th.

About Malyka:
Malyka was born with an idea for change.

Malyka is more than just clothes; Malyka is an idea based on unity, prosperity and freedom for all people. Derived from the Swahili word for Angel, Malyka has a vision to guide and nourish knowledge from one culture to another. Sharing a belief in the famous quote from Margaret Mead;

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Malyka designs are always from the heart, and full of meaning. Strong, positive messages have allowed us to expand our line from fashion shows in Toronto all the way to Orlando, Los Angeles and The Bahamas.

Malyka is now set to grow, from the root to the fruit.

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